Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter (2001)

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Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter (2001). 1h 25m | R

“JCVH is possibly one of the greatest examples of great movies that suck. JCVH is an awesome movie for this reason. True fans of film and people who have been at the bottom of the game understand what a hassle it can be to work without a budget. This film has some of the cheesiest effects that iu0026#39;ve seen, but that is where it scores itu0026#39;s major points. With itu0026#39;s unbelievable amount of originality itu0026#39;s hard to understand how anyone could not want to see this movie. Most cynical reviewers will attack itu0026#39;s lack of 5 star acting, or itu0026#39;s lack of big budget effects, but the true deciding factor in a real fan of cinemau0026#39;s eyes is heart. This movie was scrounged together (For those of you who actually took the time to watch the special features on the DVD) and yet it was a huge favorite at many a film festival. This movie deserve much more credit that it is given, and I am going to see that it gets it.”


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