Accused (2023)

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Accused (2023). 1h 28m

“Accused is one of those films that you donu0026#39;t know where itu0026#39;s going to go till the penny drops. We see harri and his girlfriend Chloe in bed. He leaves and takes a normal journey on the train. His going to house sit for his parents and look after the cute doggo. But after an explosion happens itu0026#39;s not long before some scumbag online throws Harris name out and now everyone thinks his responsible. It comes down tooor harri fighting for his life against two thugs which was extremely sad to watch but glorious to see him turn the tables. It just shows the dangers of being an online piece of trash and how innocent people can get involved in something they didnu0026#39;t do. The actor playing harri did a very good job though and overall it was a sad but good watch.”


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