Double Cross (TV Movie 2006)

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Double Cross: Directed by George Erschbamer. With Yancy Butler, Bruce Boxleitner, Laura Soltis, William deVry. Two women jokingly agree to kill each others’ husbands. Then one really does and blackmails the other into killing her own.

“This is a TV movie that aired on the Lifetime Network. Itu0026#39;s just a variation on the old u0026#39;Strangers on a Trainu0026#39; story of two people pondering the removal of someone close to them (in this movieu0026#39;s case itu0026#39;s the husbands) and how that would improve their lives, then one of them goes off and kills the otheru0026#39;s spouse then demands that her friend do the same for her in exchange. As in the original, the killer friend is a nutcase who continues to force the unwilling u0026quot;partneru0026quot; toward fulfilling the murder pact, otherwise be framed for the murder of her own husband. This film is such a retread it should pay royalties (or at least credit it) to the original writers. Story aside, the dialogue is pedestrian and the set up and follow through is clunky. Somehow weu0026#39;re supposed to believe that bad hubby Boxleitner, a multi-millionaire, can just hand his wife a quickie divorce settlement offer with a 24 hour deadline and she canu0026#39;t contest it. Weu0026#39;re also supposed to believe that Yancy Butleru0026#39;s husband, shot dead in his backyard, might have been the victim of a u0026quot;robbery gone wrong.u0026quot; Really…. one of those u0026quot;Backyard Invasion Robberiesu0026quot; we hear about so often. They must have been after that fine cigar he was smoking. Anyway, this is just a mild entertainment not worth much notice, except as a comeback vehicle for the recently troubled Yancy Butler. She boozed her way out of the business for a few years and is trying to climb back in. Interesting that the pivotal u0026quot;murder-the-spouses dealu0026quot; scene is conducted with much wine drinking (not the real kind of course). Might have been a tough scene for Yancy to deal with. All the best to her, regardless. She is an interesting-looking (those eyes and brows) and sounding actress (that husky crackle).”


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