Singh Is Kinng (2008)

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Singh Is Kinng (2008). 2h 15m | Not Rated

“well,this movie is pretty entertaining for those who donu0026#39;t care about script,plot and costume and boring for those who cares..Story revolves around Happy Singh (Akshay Kumar)a mischievous punjabi villager.The Village Panchayat(wise and respected elders chosen and accepted by the village community) sent him to Australia to bring back his friend from the village, Lucky Singh (Sonu Sood), who is a ruthless gangster in Australia(Known as u0026quot;Kingu0026quot; in Australia).On his way to Australia he meets Sonia (Katrina Kaif)in Egypt and fall in love with her.The rest of the story is about how he transforms the gangsters and bring back to their village and how he marry Sonia.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eAkshay Kumar done a good job as a Punjabi lad but his get-up as a Sardar is not that good because in many scenes he wears a u0026quot;fakeu0026quot; turban and keep french-cut Beard which is quite unusual for Singhs but in some songs he wears a good turban and looks quite smart Singh.Rest of sardars (Luckyu0026#39;s Gang) are also not in proper get-up of Singhs, accept from u0026quot;Gurujiu0026quot;(Kamal Chopra).Rangeela(Om Puri)is a u0026quot;Clean-shaved Singhu0026quot; thats quite unusual.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eCheap comedy,poor or may be copied script,good music (Especially,Singh is King track by RDB,snoop Dogg is my favourite)..”


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