Papaw Land (2021)

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Papaw Land (2021). Papaw Land: Directed by Justin Blake Crum. With Spring Hunter, Carson Mitchell, Heather Steadham, John Stiritz. A troubled teenager spends the summer with his grandfather in the Ozarks, where he's free from his mother, but not her painful past.

“The movie is well produced and thought of for his first film. Unlike most films today, the pacing of the story is done both by the actors and the atmosphere. Completely pulls you into a sense of seeing things from Matthewu0026#39;s perspective. Stepping away from the coming of age movies that we have been catered to and brought to light the story we all grew up with in our personal teenage years. This movie hit home with me in more ways than I anticipated and I look forward to any other films from this director. Finally though the actors may have never performed in the past, they all kept me locked in to the characters they were portraying. Some moments where I could tell were times lines were probably being remembered the delivery, though a bit out of pace, were still delivered excellently. Reminder, these actors were probably all amateur so in big picture, they were Oscar award winners compared to indie films I have seen.”


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