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Barber (2023). 1h 30m

“An off kilter private dick story anchored by an authentic and rich central performance and surrounded by a winning support cast. Consistently stylish without affectation, hard working and blessed with an easy sophistication it is staggering to think of its narrative scope and shooting schedule, budget, etc. At times surprisingly densely written the archetypal is suffused with a hurt that convinces and enobles this broken family as they desperately try to not drown in their dysfunction. Connolly at this stage (third feature with the artistic, naturally talented DP Owen McPolin) is now easily one of the most distinctive directors in this country and with each film is growing in maturity yet still retains the sparkle of youth as the image and sound purrs with a primary coloured sensuality. Fiona Bergin, producer of said team, expands her ownership by cowriting this moody meditation on dealing with pain through tenderness, do yourself a favour and catch it on the big screen in April. A class ac.”


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