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Hua pi (2008). 1h 43m

“After all the effort of building international reputation with films like u0026quot;Heroesu0026quot; and u0026quot;Crouching Tigeru0026quot;, Chinese film has gone back to the starting point with this one. u0026quot;Painted Skinu0026quot; is nothing but an amateur attempt trying to imitate other ones, without sufficient skill or patient. The lines are simple AWFUL!!! I wonder whether they came up with the script in two days. The costumes and makeup is a joke, look like recycled from other movies. The acting….Donnie Yenu0026#39;s performance is probably OK for a HongKong TV show and nothing else, and all those supposedly emotional scenes are so badly handled, gave me goose bumps. The worst thing of this film is the directing, the editing and camera works. It is absolutely mind-blowing that such a horrible production, worse than an average video on Youtube, has spent so much money on advertising and publicity stunt, but nothing on making this movie worth seeing.”


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