Kauhea nainen (2017)

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Kauhea nainen (2017). 1h 26m | K-7

“Few movies manage to get under your skin and force you to reflect on who you are as a person in terms of relationships.nThis movie does that in both satirical and humorous ways, but also in dramatic, cringe worthy ways, where the worst inside of us is painfully portrayed.nIf you think this movie is just about a horrible, possessive, and controlling woman, you are wrong! It is also about the superficiality of male bonding and the destruction of personal identity that happens in any abusive relationship – whether the perpetrator is a man or a woman.nI myself, as well as everyone I have talked to who have seen it, saw many painfully recognizable things in these two extremely well acted characters, which brings the poster for the movie into perspective.nA Horrible Woman dares us to look in the mirror and be confronted with our own shortcomings and I triple dare anyone who see it, to NOT discuss it afterwards.”


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