Shortcomings (2023)

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Shortcomings (2023). 1h 32m | R

“u0026quot;Shotcomingsu0026quot;… Man, Iu0026#39;ve had bigger laughs watching paint dry. I mean, the previews had me thinking this was going to be the comedy of the year. Remember those? Hilarious. But the movie? A couple of chuckles here and there, but mostly crickets. And what was up with that plot? More like u0026quot;What plot?u0026quot; If movies had arcs, this one was stuck in the flatlands. Honestly, by the end, I was just sitting there thinking, u0026quot;Did we really need this movie in our lives?u0026quot; I guess I set my hopes too high. Thought I was in for a comedy feast but left feeling like I just had a light snack. Bit of a letdown, tbh.”


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