Taken in Montana (TV Movie 2023)

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Taken in Montana (TV Movie 2023). Taken in Montana: Directed by Kaila York. With Veronica Ramirez, Justin Berti, Matthew Pohlkamp, Laurie Fortier. When her parents go missing during a family vacation, a teen tries to put the clues together to find them — but she may be trusting the wrong people for help.

“Lifetime is doing a series of movies featuring national parks this year! This one was rather good. Craig and Sarah are married and have a teen named Regan. They heading off to Big Sky Country and a vacation gone wrong! When they get there, they settle into a fancy timber lodge and just happen to run into a guy Craig knows from college and who lives in Montana named Jackson Green. Sarah thinks this is more than a coincidence and that Craig planned all of this after they both slip away to catch up on u0026quot;old-times.u0026quot; Regan really did not want to come along and turns in early. Later that night, Craig gets up and tells Sarah he has to do a favor for Jackson but she tells him heu0026#39;s not going without her. They pull up with an envelope and a burly mountain man ends up slugging Craig after reading a note from Jackson and tying them both up. Meanwhile, Regan is back at the lodge getting worried….. Will she find them and who can she trust? Good acting and an interesting plot with beautiful Montana scenery make this a good watch. DEFINITELY recommended!!!”


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