Per una bara piena di dollari (1971)

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Per una bara piena di dollari (1971). 1h 23m

“Hagen (Klaus Kinski, or u0026quot;Slanderu0026quot; in my dubbed version) burns down the farm of the Hamiltons and kills the whole family – except one who was absent and swears revenge upon his return. Nevada Kid (Jeff Cameron) gets unexpected support from a bounty hunter (Gordon Mitchell) who carries a list of all wanted men – which has the size of a big cityu0026#39;s telephone registry. They rescue a maiden in distress (played by Simone Blondell, the daughter of director Fidani) and happily kill everybody who looks like a bandit.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eTruly no art, but still the best movie by the director, as far as Iu0026#39;ve seen his works… which reviewers often describe as u0026quot;junku0026quot;. The screenplay is straight ahead, the music by Lallo Gori provides tension and a good title song, and the camera work of Joe Du0026#39;Amato is excellent with its many close-ups and precise focusing. Kinski puts more effort in his performance than in some other westerns, for example in the scene at the beginning when he discovers his two brothers were killed. Ray Saunders got a really nice role as a former slave saved by Nevada Kid. In a scene which was cut from the 80s video tape version but restored for DVD, he even sings a song. Hunt Powers is first mentioned in the cast, but plays only one of the bandits.”


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