Hari ng Gatilyo (1985)

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Hari ng Gatilyo (1985). Hari ng Gatilyo: Directed by Lito Lapid, Eddie Nicart. With Lito Lapid, Rebecca, George Estregan, Romy Diaz. When his mother and father are murdered by the evil Don Benito, farm boy and amateur gunsmith Daniel sets off on a quest to exact bloody justice.

“Daniel is a farm boy and amateur gunsmith. His father returns home from a 15 year prison sentence and is then murdered along with his wife by an old associate. With his specially crafted revolver that shoots rifle bullets and dozens of grenades, Daniel takes it upon himself to exact revenge on hundreds of henchmen – and picks up a stunningly beautiful helper along the way. After seemingly running the width of the Philippine islands and achieving a kill count well into the hundreds, Daniel finally comes face to face with the evil Don Benito and… Well – youu0026#39;ll have to see for yourself.nI really enjoyed this movie. While there isnu0026#39;t any over the top gore or nudity (no nudity at all) it still felt like a well made revenge flick from a cast that was adequate with special effects that were again, adequate.nIu0026#39;ve been watching a lot of Filipino exploding-hut movies lately, and this one is definitely at the top.”


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