La hija de todas las rabias (2022)

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La hija de todas las rabias (2022). 1h 27m

“Walking in the shadow of a volcano, drifting off to sleep to the sound of ocean waves, pulling a wagon full of puppies, and scavenging for scrap metal, trinkets, and food in Nicaraguau0026#39;s largest landfill are the contents of an average day for eleven-year-old Maria and her mother Lilibeth. They barely have enough to live, but they have each other. One day when their dire circumstances, debts, and alarming vulnerabilities are too much for Lilibeth, she leaves with Maria in the night in search of a better life. A job opens but doesnu0026#39;t allow children, so Lilibeth drops Maria off at a sweat shop raided frequently by corrupt police. Maria is left to fend for herself in this broken world. Her mom comes to her in dreams as a wildcat.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eThis heartrending, well-made, and powerful film of magical realism provides a beguiling glimpse into the lives of marginalized people. Director Laura Baumeister, the first female director of a feature film in Nicaragua, was present at this world premiere screening in Toronto. Her inspiration for Daughter of Rage comes from teaching kids to read and learn. She delves into the frontier between people and animals. Ethereal music helps to burrow into this imaginary world. The actors are amazing and the characters are both good or bad, as is realistic in the world. The riveting and emotional story is unlike anything that is typically seen. u0026quot;Cinema builds culture and identity for a country,u0026quot; said Baumeister, and that is on display here.”


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