Yeti: Curse of the Snow Demon (TV Movie 2008)

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Yeti: Curse of the Snow Demon (TV Movie 2008). 1h 27m | Not Rated

“I had the misfortune to watch this rubbish on Sky Cinema Max in a cold winter night. I am not a big fan of horror movies, because most of them are just trash. This one is even worse: it is one of the dumbest pieces of crap iu0026#39;ve ever seen in my whole life. Horror movie? Yes, there are horrible things in this: the acting, the script and the special effects – Gosh, i laughed at this ludicrous attempt to make a flick for 90 minutes. Actually, had it been a comic movie i wouldu0026#39;ve given it a 5. Donu0026#39;t you even think about renting this unless you want to mock at the producers.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eVote: 2 out of 10 – didnu0026#39;t vote one because it made me laugh all the time ;-)”


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