Auroran murhakerho: Luita ja päitä (TV Movie 2015)

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Auroran murhakerho: Luita ja päitä (TV Movie 2015). 1h 26m | TV-G

“Being English, the title of this movie threw me at first… u0026quot;The Aurora Teagardenu0026quot; sounds like a place you would go for a nice cuppa cha while sitting in beautiful floral surroundings… But no u0026quot;Aurora Teagardenu0026quot; is the name of the leading character – poor girl.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eThat aside, this is a good way to pass an hour and a half. Aurora u0026quot;Roeu0026quot; Teagarden, played nicely by Candace Cameron Bure. is a member of a mystery group dedicated to u0026quot;Real Murdersu0026quot;. One of the members, Jane Eagles (Barbara Wallace), invites Roe round to her house so she can borrow a book on female killers, as this had been her u0026quot;Real Murderu0026quot; discussion subject. A few days later she learns of Janeu0026#39;s death and is surprised to find herself in the will as the beneficiary of her house. Itu0026#39;s when she finds the hidden human skull that a mystery starts to reveal itself to her… and her friends…u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eItu0026#39;s hard to say why I enjoyed this film because some things annoyed me, such as Lexa Doigu0026#39;s character, Sally Allison, who is grating on the nerve and at times I wondered why the two were friends, let alone besties. This isnu0026#39;t Doigu0026#39;s fault though as she did a more than an admirable portrayal of a strong, independent, and intelligent woman on Andromeda. But here, sheu0026#39;s not such a likable character. Though that may be the strong point of this series as itu0026#39;s not relying on characterisations as much as others do in this genre; theyu0026#39;re a little more like everyday people, rather than u0026quot;feel-goodu0026quot; representations.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eAnother thing which was annoying was how simple the mystery was, I had pretty much had it solved at the skull, as I would think most would since previous scenes are so heavy handed at giving you the clues. I couldnu0026#39;t really believe that it took Roe so long to figure it out. This is more like a Columbo movie as itu0026#39;s not really about the mystery itu0026#39;s more about the trip to get to the reveal. At least thereu0026#39;s still some mystery here, unlike Columbo.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eAll of the cast give a solid and equal performance and portray their characters well; none outshines any of the others. Director Martin Wood does a nice job of keeping the pace steady throughout, which works well with this type and style of story.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eIf you like your characters to be more u0026quot;normalu0026quot; in your mystery movies then you will like this; if you donu0026#39;t mind about the easy solve mystery because you prefer the drama more then this will really be your cuppa chau0026#39;. At least worth one viewing… on a wet and miserable day – English Summertime – when you canu0026#39;t make it out into the Teagarden.”


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