Without Evidence (1995)

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Without Evidence (1995). 1h 39m | Not Rated

“This movie rides on Angelina Jolieu0026#39;s name (and thatu0026#39;s in retrospect looking at it from now)–sheu0026#39;s not even a primary character here. Sheu0026#39;s a passing character here. This is (albeit announced as so) a story based on a real event, that basically follows the storyline to a: u0026quot;Is that it???u0026quot; You might as well watch an episode of Americau0026#39;s Unsolved Mysteries (or whatever it was called). This takes you through a true occurrence that was never solved. BUT…it leaves you at the same place…. STILL UNSOLVED!!! Whatu0026#39;s worse is that it doesnu0026#39;t really leave you with anything to u0026quot;chewu0026quot; on (i.e., something to talk about at work or with friends/family to talk about). It just…ends. It doesnu0026#39;t even leave you with captions for u0026quot;if you have seen call…u0026quot; This movie is essentially HALF a movie that leaves you at the, u0026quot;Whatu0026#39;s gonna happen now???u0026quot; point. And there is no, u0026quot;Whatu0026#39;s gonna happen now,u0026quot; the credits start rolling…”


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