Fatal Acquittal (TV Movie 2014)

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Fatal Acquittal: Directed by Sam Irvin. With Joely Fisher, Patrick Muldoon, Denise Richards, Tabitha Morella. A woman accused of murdering her husband is found innocent, only to be terrorized by the real killer once she is set free.

“Given we start with a murder, which shows u0026quot;who could haveu0026quot;, but as we progress, you have 1 person being nice and everyone else, including an equally u0026quot;2nd rateu0026quot; police woman being thoroughly hostile. There isnu0026#39;t much of a plot here and neither is there a decent list of suspects which make this one rather easy to work out, although the u0026quot;whyu0026quot; isnu0026#39;t quite so obvious. Youre likely only to watch once, if at all. Even the leggy Miss Richards isnu0026#39;t able to lift this one to a higher level!”


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