Rejuvenatrix (1988)

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Rejuvenatrix (1988). 1h 30m | R

“u0026quot;Rejuvenatoru0026quot; is a fresh spin on the immortality theme. Aging actress, Vivian Lanko, puts the squeeze on a doctor, John McKay, whou0026#39;s rejuvenation experiments she is funding. Pressed to use the youth serum he is developing before it is perfected, he injects Lanko with disastrous results. This fountain of youth story flows nicely, the script includes interesting characters, and touches of dark humor. The make up effects are especially interesting, and the whole production has class not usually associated with the horror genre. Fans of u0026quot;Re-Animatoru0026quot; should seek out this impressive, similar film. ………….. – MERK”


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