Captive Hearts (TV Movie 2005)

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Captive Hearts (TV Movie 2005). 1h 30m | Not Rated

“***SPOILERS*** Just starting his job as a big time executive at Seattleu0026#39;s multi billion MaxGen Corp. Larry Sorenson while getting himself acquainted with fellow worker Tasha Simmions, who recommended him for the job, at the local Okinowa Japanese restaurant is kidnapped by the two tugs Cyle u0026amp; Clint after gunning down the owner Hinoko who tried to stop them. Held hostage in a deserted wear-house and threatened to be killed until they get feather notice or instructions by their boss in what their next step will be. It turns out that Maxgen Corp. is involved in shady operations overseas thatu0026#39;s polluting the environment in Europe and the kidnappers want that companyu0026#39;s CEO Darren Maxwell to close them down or his new hot shot executive Larry will end up being toast!u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eWith Seattle PD detective Jimmy Kelso and his partner FBI Special Agent Jade Marlo put on the case they interview Larryu0026#39;s concerned wife Liz about what would have put her husband in the danger that heu0026#39;s now facing. That as it turns out really has nothing at all to do with Maxgen Corp. but his past activities in not Boston, where the couple claim that they come from, but in the windy city of Chicago! It soon turns out that both Larry and Liz are in the witness protection program in that Larry ratted out his former boss back in Chicago head of the Irish Mifia Owen Ou0026#39;Rourk,CEO of the construction company Duplex,in order to save his own neck from being stretched! u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003e****SOILERS**** This kidnapping leads to an elaborate plan by non other then Tasha Simmions who was shot but slightly wounded , to make it look good, by the kidnappers whou0026#39;s really, are you ready for this, the late Owen Ou0026#39;Rourku0026#39;s, who died of a massive heart attack while facing trial, daughter! Not just threatening to murder Larry Tasha and her two hoods accomplices want by their actions to force the stock of Maxgen Corp. to drop to near zero and then buy it up for pennies on the dollar! Which is like having their cake and eating it at the same time! Making a mint in the stock market and at the same time getting even with Larry for ratting her dad Owen Ou0026#39;Rourk out to the SEC u0026amp; FBI! With Larryu0026#39;s life hanging in the balance and the stock of Maxgen Corp. taking a nosedive both Kelso u0026amp; Marlo do their best to track down the two kidnappers and their boss Tasha before they do him in. Itu0026#39;s Larryu0026#39;s plucky wife Liz who puts an end to Tasha and her gangs plans by taking them, or really Tasha, on while Kelso u0026amp; Marlo are still bickering in what to do in a wild shoot out as well as a no holds bar nail scratching cat fight, with Tasha, at the conclusion of the movie!”


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