Presumed Dead (TV Movie 2006)

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Presumed Dead: Directed by George Mendeluk. With Sherilyn Fenn, Duncan Regehr, Rhonda Dent, Jay Brazeau. An intelligent international crime writer attempts to out wit a clever homicide detective, only to be trapped by her in his own intricate scheme.

“Laughably bad Lifetime Channel thriller about determined cop Sherilyn Fenn trying to prove that a famous mystery writer is actually a murderer. Oh, and Fennu0026#39;s character is an aspiring mystery writer herself who also happens to be getting over the recent death of her husband. This made-for-cable movie has so many cliches I canu0026#39;t even begin to list them all (a detective told to lay off the case, a defendant serving as their own attorney in court, a cop having their badge taken away, etc. and so on and so forth). The only reason I watched this film is that Iu0026#39;d set my DVR to record anything Sherilyn Fenn appears in, and although she does her best with what sheu0026#39;s got, this film is a mess beyond saving. And full disclosure, I watched this film on my iPad picture-in-picture, which is really all it deserved.”


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