Elvis the Pig (2022)

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Elvis the Pig (2022). 1h 10m

“The acting was terrible there were several times their grammar was really bad. The camera quality was totally subpar and during fights the camera zoomed in on random places so you couldnu0026#39;t see the whole scene. The background music was so loud that you could barely hear the people speaking. The older teen comes off as SUPER rebellious at the beginning of the movie then suddenly out of nowhere cares about her family and the pig. Itu0026#39;s definitely not worth wasting your time on. I usually donu0026#39;t even write reviews on movies but it has 6+ stars somehow and definitely isnu0026#39;t a 6 star movie. I wouldnu0026#39;t recommend this movie unless you feel like watching something so awful itu0026#39;s funny.”


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