La sangre y la lluvia (2009)

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La sangre y la lluvia (2009). 1h 49m

“Jorge Navasu0026#39; debut film is an Argentine/Columbia co-production that, I guess, will do nothing for either countryu0026#39;s tourist trade. Just about qualifying as a neo noir, this rain drenched streets of Bogota, set thriller is pretty bleak. Stylish and violent, this uncompromising film tells a simple enough story spanning just one evening in this scary place. Ugly streets, menacing guys and drugged up party people and drugged up gangsters make for a heady mix of a movie that is never going to end well. Some great scenes, good characterisation and decent dialogue but this doesnu0026#39;t quite have enough to really set it alight. A leisurely pace is fine but we could have done with a little more variety. This took itself very seriously and in the end had less to say than the average TV episode of the French, Spiral or even the British Luther. Still a very good film though and well worth seeing, even if only for those dirty streets and that dirty club.”


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