The Wife Master (2012)

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The Wife Master (2012). 1h 19m | Not Rated

“Watching The Wife Master with just the provided description to go on can be confusing, at least thatu0026#39;s what happened to me. The mockumentary style is so convincing , coupled with the lead (Bora Soth) who felt like a director more than an actor, in a sense that I maybe thought he was just filming his life (and/or he may not be as good an actor? In this case it helped with the intrigue anyway.) The lead character is the kind of despicable human being that no matter how much of a failure you feel, you will be so relieved and comforted to know you arenu0026#39;t as big of a mess or a j*rk as he is. It was nice and rare to have a Cambodian lead not play a stereotype though. The wheel of justice takes its course around the last act, if a bit abrupt and imperfect.”


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