El castillo de la pureza (1973)

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El castillo de la pureza (1973). 1h 50m | Not Rated

“Though recently in the Mexican movies we see basically the same kind of things like crossed stories or extremely u0026quot;realisticu0026quot; ones, or both, there are some things in the old ones that the new ones are forgetting: beauty. This movie is based in a true story where a man that is afraid to contaminate his family with the evils of the world (and actually he is already u0026quot;contaminatedu0026quot;, and very), decides to lock them inside their house for years, avoiding them any kind of contact with the world, even throw the windows. Not happy just with this, he makes the kids work in the family business that is making poison to kill rats. The characters are confocal created, ambiguous and confused, such as anybody is, and themes like loneliness or sexual curiosity in the kids while they are growing up is very well managed. However, even it is a sad story, it is so well treated, that it is beautiful. This is a movie that I would certainly recommend, specially because Mexican movies has not good fame.”


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