The Truth About Love (2005)

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The Truth About Love (2005). 1h 40m | R

“I just watched this movie and while itu0026#39;s not the best thing Iu0026#39;ve ever seen it was a cute romantic comedy. Canu0026#39;t say that I saw any of the goofs that have been mentioned — but then I wasnu0026#39;t looking for them. Or maybe the DVD copy I rented had been edited/fixed. Some of the nice things from my perspective: 1) Nice location shooting – I think it was Bristol. It had a different feel from the usual London setting and was very well photographed for the most part. 2) The leads were just fine – it was good to see Dougray Scott sporting his native (at least I think it was native)Scottish accent(itu0026#39;s an American thing :)and I have to say I do like Jennifer Love Hewitt. It did seem like her accent may have been looped at the beginning (the tone of the soundtrack suggested it)maybe to give her a better chance to nail the dialect, but overall I do think it was her. And while I think she needs a bit more seasoning/maturity as an actress, she has a very expressive face and natural way about her on screen — and thatu0026#39;s got to be a plus. So, if you just want a kick-back, lazy day on the sofa movie this is worth 90 minutes of your time.”


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