Rupan sansei vs Kyattsu ai (Video 2023)

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Rupan sansei vs Kyattsu ai (Video 2023). 1h 32m

“Hate the art style, feels really off story is very bland and Generic wouldu0026#39;ve been better as a stand alone ona the characters look super off the animation is messed up and looks like someone who probably was on heroine or meth this shouldu0026#39;ve never been made. The story is all over the place I regret watching this it shouldu0026#39;ve been a stand alone lupin ona I do appreciate the use of the original English dubbed cast but thatu0026#39;s as far I go. The character models are off, the story is bland and boring at times the premise is very generic this shouldu0026#39;ve never come outta Japan. I could tell right away from watching this it wouldnu0026#39;t be that good.”


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