Wake Up on Mars (2020)

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Wake Up on Mars (2020). 1h 14m

“No menu thus no details on the family situation or on the girls. Family from Kosovo escaping fighting where family was attacked in their home. They refuge in Sweden in 2007. Sent back 3 years later, but return to Sweden for second time in 2014. Two of the children (teen daughters) lay mute in their beds from trauma of uncertainty in their lives. Seemingly paralyzed from giving up hope; the illness is called apathy. Two younger brothers seem OK, one supposedly builds a fantasy rocket out of junk yard stuff (seemed setup u0026amp; assisted by video crew). After 3 years in coma Ibadeta opens her eyes. Djeneta 2 months later after 5 years. Sweden asylum still waiting. The negative comes from no medical analysis such as MRI or other hospital testing on why they lay unresponsive for so many years. No information, even interview of the girls later. No real care video such as feeding or how toiletry was conducted.”


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