American Rampage (1989)

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American Rampage: Directed by David DeCoteau. With Kary Jane, Thomas Elliott, Troy Donahue, Sam Hill. A female Los Angeles cop relentlessly tries to bring down a powerful drug cartel kingpin, and losing police partner after partner in the process amid the frequent shootouts and her social life, or lack of.

“Some manly woman cop has menstrual cramps after her partner gets killed by some guys and revenge ensues. American Rampage has all the makings of a bad action movie: naked women, s····y acting, horrible, yet, bloody action, sexploitation, bad production, disjointed editing and an uninteresting story. But the bloody as hell action and fairly good pacing helps keeps this movie from sucking a big olu0026#39; dinky. Worth watching a couple of times, I suppose.”


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