The Longest Weekend (2022)

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The Longest Weekend (2022). The Longest Weekend: Directed by Molly Haddon. With Mia Artemis, John Batchelor, Elly Hiraani Clapin, Adam Golledge. Three disconnected siblings find themselves living once again under the same roof when the father who abandoned them returns to their lives.

“This is why Aussie Indie films SUCK. This is a really boring film where NOT much actually happens and when things do happen, they are towards the end, so this being under 1 hour 17 minutes, it could have been a short film and should have been. There is NO story here, the first act (if there is one) struggles to identify a setup, a real reason to propel the characters into a journey. Itu0026#39;s an uninteresting, non-compelling bunch of scenes thatu0026#39;s trying so hard to be a story let a alone a movie, this is NOT a movie. The main character played by Mia Atemis is a weak character portrayed by an inexperienced actress, some moments are hit and miss and there are some strong moments too, ill give her that. Most of the actors barely pass in acting, the standouts definitely being newcomer Alex King and long time veteran John Batecholor. Ellie Claplan is also strong and delightful to watch. There are NOT enough stakes here to even warrant the characters (siblings) to pursue a relationship with an estranged abusive father. Itu0026#39;s really pointless and also staggers with trying to showcase each siblingsu0026#39; problems but there is NOT enough time to try and tell 3 different siblingu0026#39;s stories. Thereu0026#39;s way too much music which tells me there is NOT enough story or much to say in this weak story-telling. Not shot well (looks like a soap-opera, lighting is weak good locations, but overall this film has no real drama, no real reason or purpose and never really gets there, its almost happy ending before it even wraps up the film. Terrible writing and dialouge and worse of all inexperienced Director. This just seems to be a push for female-driven directors within the LBGTI community (which i have no issue with) But just seems that the agenda is if youu0026#39;re from a minority you get to back a film that would never get made by anyone else because its not strong enough to be one. The ending will leave you wondering why this film was ever needed to be made and you will walk away never remembering this film. Sorry guys, I tried to like it but thereu0026#39;s not much there. Donu0026#39;t believe any reviews that tell you that there is something powerful here.”


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