Passion's Desire (2000)

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Passion's Desire (2000). Passion's Desire: Directed by Mike Sedan. With Jf Davis, Amy Lindsay, Tori Sinclair, Charlotte Griffin. Struggling publisher's agent, in a bad live-in relationship, recruits a romance novelist whose bestsellers document her affair with the agent, and betrayal. She refuses the deal, just to spite him. But an old friend shows up to rescue him from both traps.

“1st watched 10/5/2001 – 1 out of 10(Dir-Mike Sedan): Boring, and sex-filled non-thriller about a man who publishes books and all the wicked ways that the women he is around try to influence him to bring them in on his supposed money. There are three women after him for various reasons and they get him in various ways but who really cares. Another loser in the erotic column for this one.”


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