The Irish Mob (2023)

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The Irish Mob (2023). The Irish Mob: Directed by Patrick McKnight. With Rob McCarthy, Pauline O'Driscoll, Liam Griffin, Baz Black. The Irish Mob tells the story of crime boss Val Fagan and the dark world of gangland Dublin, he leads a violent bloody and ruthless gang who are the main target of Garda detectives after an audacious cash depot robbery.

“I know none of the acters or writers, but found this very good it managed to have, a beginning middle and satisfying end, a few twists very down to earth sort of feature that had that 1970s feel, nothing fussy with interesting characters. Violent nothing overly gory and I felt it had a certain realism even though the plot was contrived to make a story. I have seen a lot of worse made by the mainstream media and having named acters. I did not feel my time wasted, also at under an hour and half it never outstayed its welcome. If the grimy world of gangsters is your thing I donu0026#39;t think you will be disappointed.”


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