Giving Birth to a Butterfly (2021)

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Giving Birth to a Butterfly (2021). Giving Birth to a Butterfly: Directed by Theodore Schaefer. With Annie Parisse, Gus Birney, Rachel Resheff, Bilaal Avaz. After having her identity stolen, a woman, and her son's pregnant girlfriend, bond together on a surreal journey as they attempt to track down the perpetrators.

“Wow! From the brilliant mind of an amazing up-and-coming director, Giving Birth to a Butterfly consistently amazes in a visual and visceral way. Theodore u0026quot;Tedu0026quot; Schaefer and Patrick Lawler bring their dark and ominous vision to life: Diana, whose identity has been stolen, bonds with her sonu0026#39;s pregnant girlfriend as they travel on a surreal journey to track down the thieves. Annie Parisse is captivating as Diana, while The Mistu0026#39;s Gus Birney plays a delightful turn as Marlene. The always welcome Judith Roberts is sensational as the adrift Nina, and Cesar J. Rosado delivers as Chef. This unique, one-of-a-kind, masterfully shot, edited, and acted film deserves high praise – I look forward to seeing it again!”


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