Die teuflischen Schwestern (1977)

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Die teuflischen Schwestern (1977). Die teuflischen Schwestern: Directed by Jesús Franco. With Pamela Stanford, Karine Gambier, Jack Taylor, Esther Moser. Countess Edna Luise Von Stein keeps her disturbed sister Milly prisoner. Confined to her bed, Milly suffers from a deep sexual trauma resulting from being raped as a child by a muscular gigolo after she had surprised him and her sister in bed. Is Milly incurable, or is that her sister left out of their father's will and Molly will be the sole inheritor of his immense fortune on her 21st birthday? Edna and her accomplice Dr. Barrios have hatched a plot to have Milly declared insane. Over the years Barrios has been injecting Milly with a drug that has turned her into a nymphomaniac. Milly's only hope is Joe, the only one of her numerous lovers to have ever succeeded in pleasuring her, who has fallen in love with her. Will he succeed in rescuing her from Edna and Barrios, and will Milly be able to live a normal life?

“Well here we go again. Sexy Sisters is yet another sleazy flick from the ludicrously prolific exploitation director Jess Franco. In this one, a woman imprisons her nymphomaniac sister by chaining her to a bed. This unfortunate ladyu0026#39;s psychological state is a result of sexual abuse as a child and unbeknownst to her, her evil sister is going to exploit her condition even further in order to claim a huge family inheritance.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eI know that I have just recounted the synopsis for this one but Iu0026#39;m not really too sure if I should really have bothered because like the vast majority of Franco movies, the story-line is at best not much more than an afterthought. This is very squarely a soft-core sex film whose extremely limited plot is no more than a way of stringing together a succession of sex scenes. They arenu0026#39;t in all honesty very erotic at all but are nevertheless pretty explicit. About as hard as a soft-core movie gets really. Franco directs events in the same manner than he seemed to direct most of his features by this point in his career, i.e. fast, to the point and with little concern for any finesse. So this one is consequently another of his films that is what it is, and if youu0026#39;ve seen a few of his late 70u0026#39;s efforts youu0026#39;ll know what youu0026#39;re gonna get. Essentially you will have to have at least a passing interest in watching naked women cavorting about for extended periods as a basic prerequisite for getting anything out of this one. On a side note, regular Franco actor Jack Taylor pitches up in this one and immediately sticks a thermometer up a womanu0026#39;s butt. With that in mind, itu0026#39;s not so surprising that the story line wasnu0026#39;t such a strong point in this one.”


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