Short Cuts (1993)

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Short Cuts: Directed by Robert Altman. With Andie MacDowell, Bruce Davison, Jack Lemmon, Zane Cassidy. The day-to-day lives of several suburban Los Angeles residents.

“After watching this film one thing I was left with was a feeling of tremendous euphoria, a glowing feeling which lasted well into the next morning. I could not help but think that this collage of events in the lives of 22 people in sunny LA was realism. Not the harsh gritty realism of u0026#39;Taxi Driveru0026#39;, but a different realism. This movie is who we are, as people. This movie chronicles the emotions we may have when confronted with a persistent crank caller, or the lingering suspicion of a partneru0026#39;s affair. And the acerbic intelligence of the script is tempered with director Altmanu0026#39;s stunning technical virtuosity.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eThe style is very pastiche, and one scene cuts to another, as the title suggests, with reckless abandon. This lends a very fresh and watchable quality to what is by any standards a long film. While most of the characters never meet, the movie is given shape by the connections between scenes. The connections are of two kinds: thematic connections for which the credit goes to the script, and also visual connections whereby the direction and editing employed by Altman allow him to create recurring imagery with which he weaves the sprawling, kicking constituent bits and pieces of this movie together. This style works very well indeed and at the end of the film, miraculously you are left not with the impression of having just watched a series of u0026#39;short cutsu0026#39;, but something entirely more holistic in nature.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eThere was not a false note in the acting and the star-studded cast did great justice to a remarkable script. The casting is flawless, from Tim Robbinsu0026#39; adulterous cop to Julianne Mooreu0026#39;s adulterous painter. The camera-work is refreshing in its fluidity and control, transmitting an intense watchability. However many feelings there are in the human emotional vocabulary (and I am sure there are a fair few), it seems that u0026#39;Short Cutsu0026#39; is somehow able, in the course of three hours, to display (in the actors) and evoke (in the audience), each and every one of them. For those who are of the belief that modern Hollywood is unable to produce films of artistic merit, watch this movie now or hold your peace forever.”


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