Underdogs (2013)

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Underdogs: Directed by Doug Dearth. With D.B. Sweeney, William Mapother, Richard Portnow, Logan Huffman. Set in rural Ohio, the birthplace of football, a small-town high school football team rises to play their cross-town rival, a perennial powerhouse, while standing up for an entire community.

“As in really, really bad. The writing is terrible, the actors are horrible. We did get a good laugh at how terribly awful the movie is. I thought it was made 20 years earlier and my husband had dug up a gem from the unwatched movies tucked in to Netflix. There was not one appealing character, the scenes were clichéd… you could guess every single line and outcome. I love football and usually will sit through anything and at least partially be attracted. All I can say is, u0026quot;Wow!u0026quot; Was this movie cast from the dregs of an acting school in Akron, Ohio? And what kind of music makes up the background? The music would be better matched to a fern bar. I was stunned to learn this film had grossed over $30,000. Much like u0026quot;Snakes on a Plane,u0026quot; u0026quot;Underdogsu0026quot; movie copies will fill bins in WalMart at a few hundred pennies for hopeful sale for many years to come.”


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