Tirailleurs (2022)

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Tirailleurs (2022). Tirailleurs: Directed by Mathieu Vadepied. With Omar Sy, Alassane Diong, Jonas Bloquet, Bamar Kane. During World War I, a father enlists himself in the French Army in order to be with his 17-year-old son who was recruited against his will. Sent to the front, they find themselves facing the war together in the French colony of Senegal.

“Another u0026quot;awesomeu0026quot; moment of the French history… Not only did we colonise countries that didnu0026#39;t need us there, but we also kidnapped their kids, forced them into our armies, and sent them to the French front during World War I. u0026quot;Funu0026quot; fact, we had promised them French nationality and help with their life later on… Which we never actually did. And to add to all this, we of course never talk about it in our History books. The movie is based on this premise, how a father, followed his kidnapped son, to a training camp, where he saw his son being manipulated into thinking it was his fight, and sacrifice his life for the greater good of a France he only saw to be weaponised. The story is a very sad one, but most of all, a story that needs to be told a lot more. Omar Sy is incredible in this movie, a great actor, with a depth that we are not used to see him play, as he is usually a lot more in comedy movies. His son is played by his nephew, which helps a lot in the relationship that you see on screen. All actors are very good in the movie. However, the movie is very long, and very slow, which is a shame for a movie with a great story and great actors. Do you need to see it? Yes, itu0026#39;s a piece of History that tends to be forgotten. Will you like it? No clue, but I came out of the cinema being quite disappointed.”


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