Sarah Silverman: Someone You Love (TV Special 2023)

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Sarah Silverman: Someone You Love (TV Special 2023). Sarah Silverman: Someone You Love: Directed by Jonathan Krisel. With Sarah Silverman. Follows Sarah Silverman, New England's native, showcasing her fearless chutzpah.

“Thats what we say when it looks like we donu0026#39;t blend. Its sort of funny to say in a sarcastic way. It means that the rest of the world is not ready for us, and we should just try to survive. I donu0026#39;t know when sarcasm was invented, but we certainly have developed it. Sarcasm is how you talk when you want to say something, but realize it is more important to be politically correct and survive. But you have to say it, so you say it in code. You say something that is obviously false, in order to convey something that you are not allowed to say. A long time ago, we used to call america the melting pot. Not so anymore, as every ethnic and special interest group insists on government recognition and certification and privilege. Its really pathetic. Anyway, thats what sarah is doing. She is alluding to the boiling pot of hatred, without completely starting a riot. Not as funny as i wanted, but i have to give extra stars for being on my side, in a country that should be ashamed of making sides… the large number of one stars affirms her super power to be a lighting rod for u0026quot;those really cute and adorable peopleu0026quot;”


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