The Blessing Bracelet (TV Movie 2023)

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The Blessing Bracelet (TV Movie 2023). The Blessing Bracelet: With Morgana Wyllie, Corina Akeson, Matt Clarke, Kathryn Dobbs. As the Easter holiday approaches a woman rediscovers a blessing bracelet that helps restore her faith and renew her belief in love

“This Hallmark movie is just a little different from the run of the mill Hallmark movie. There is a mother who has been betrayed by her (now ex) husband and her son who misses his Dad who he has not seen in 3 years. The Mom has been (unsuccessfully) struggling to get herself caught up on all the debt thatu0026#39;s been accumulating since the hubby walked away. Thankfully she has great friends who are willing to help. On the way to an annual Valentine dinner with her friends, she finds a u0026quot;Blessing Braceletu0026quot; she and her friends used to make in high school. She wears it to the dinner and the blessings start. Of course, a romance begins and a complication arises, but the u0026quot;Blessing Braceletu0026quot; she wears is a reminder that faith and hope can work miracles.”


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