Psycho Paramedic (TV Movie 2023)

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Psycho Paramedic (TV Movie 2023). Psycho Paramedic: Directed by Dave Thomas. With Lexi Minetree, Andrew Spach, Maeve Quinlan, Nick Clark. After a deadly accident, a young woman becomes the target of an obsessed EMT worker who saved her life.

“Chloe and her friends are driving home after dark and encounter a near-fatal accident with one of her friends dying and Chloe rescued by 2 paramedics from the car. She is grateful for their saving her life. Of course, one of them, Matt, is a psycho and Chloe reminds him of his high school love who died in a similar accident and he intends to do everything to help her…,.. way too much. He becomes intrusive and a stalker after she recovers and stops anyone who threatens that obsession including Chloeu0026#39;s bf, his EMT partner, and her mother through his knowledge and using his tools of the trade as a paramedic. Chloe realizes all too soon that Matt is fixated on her and tries to end it. But how can she stop him? You will have to tune in to see for yourself. This was an entertaining movie for a weekend watch. Recommended!!!”


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