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#float (2022). #float: Directed by Zac Locke. With Kaya Coleman, Ophelia Lichtenstein, Kate Mayhew, Grant Morningstar. When a vlogger and her crew embark on their annual river float to commemorate the untimely loss of their friend, they are plunged into a life and death battle with a mysterious local, a sinister paranormal force, and their own fears.

“I figured I would watch this movie late night since it was only a little over an hour long. Horror CAN be done quickly, though this wasnu0026#39;t Dien well at all. I turned it off 20 minutes in and that was giving it a chance from the opening credits on. Good horror can be done with bad actors and low budgets, but they skimped on the acting, like REALLY SKIMPED. Had a goodish premise and then Blake had to go and ruin it for anyone willing to give this movie a shot. The 3 girls were all actually good actors but the dudes seemed like they were pulled off the street to be in this movie. The creepy dirty guy was ok as well, then once again, Blake comes in the scene to ruin it. Donu0026#39;t waste your money on this like I did.”


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