Scorched Earth (2022)

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Scorched Earth (2022). Scorched Earth: Directed by Joshua Morrison, Jethro Randell. With Charlotte Elizzabeth Langley, Lee Westwick, Neil Sandland, Robin Kirwan. After the apocalypse, all water is radioactive and deadly to drink. In this dystopian world, Gylian goes to extreme lengths to make sure her daughter gets the medication she needs to survive.

“I watched this film with my wife last night, sheu0026#39;s into her apocalypse zombie films and Iu0026#39;m into no-budget indie flicks so when Amazon spat this one out at me I thought u0026quot;this is perfectu0026quot;. At a brief 63 minutes too itu0026#39;s a film that didnu0026#39;t take much dedication to putting on and seeing through to the end. Ususally when youu0026#39;re 40 minutes into a film you think u0026quot;ooooh god thereu0026#39;s another hour of this stillu0026quot; but in this film it meant we were right near the end. This film is weird because it contains easily double itu0026#39;s length in terms of narrative substance, yet itu0026#39;s trimmed down to a mirror sheen. If anything I think this might be the only issue with the film, I would have liked to have felt like I was on this journey with Gilian and kyro for a longer period of time, as their characters feel like they donu0026#39;t quite go far enough, but maybe theyu0026#39;re hyping us up for a part 2, if so Iu0026#39;ll be first in line! Just like how Iu0026#39;m first in line for reviewing this film. I think itu0026#39;s a brilliantly fun romp with an interesting cast of characters, and it does a good job keeping things interesting, it never hangs on one point too long, things are always moving. To close this review off, I think the story worked wonders. Oppenheimer was my favourite, heu0026#39;s a very complex person, you can feel a mirror difference between him and gilian.”


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