The Price We Pay (2022)

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The Price We Pay (2022). The Price We Pay: Directed by Ryûhei Kitamura. With Emile Hirsch, Stephen Dorff, Gigi Zumbado, Vernon Wells. After a pawn shop robbery goes askew, two criminals take refuge at a remote farmhouse to try to let the heat die down, but find something much more menacing.

“Little indie horror violent very short(1 hour and 26 minutes) movie with a subject we have seen so many times! Stephen Dorf is a good actor and he is the only good thing in this movie. Everything happened too fast cuz yeah..the movie is too short to develop something. Two characters robbing a pawn shop, things get nasty, they run, take shelter on a farmhouse were they become the victims of a sadistic serial killer. Except for some brutal scene and yelling there is nothing new in matter of originality. Maybe if the movie was a little bit longer with some charactes development and some back story for the killer..well.. if you want a short slasher with some blood and gore, watch it.. but itu0026#39;s not the best cup of tea..”


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