A Christmas to Treasure (TV Movie 2022)

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A Christmas to Treasure (TV Movie 2022). A Christmas to Treasure: Directed by Jake Helgren. With Taylor Frey, Kyle Dean Massey, Katie Walder, Mary-Margaret Humes. The passing of a beloved old neighbor reunites six friends for a hometown holiday treasure hunt, where sparks fly once again between brand strategist Austin and his former best friend Everett.

“Over the last few years, it has been very cheering to see LGBTQ people represented in Christmas movies on TV and elsewhere. While one can cynically say that producers are now seeing another 10% of the market to whom they can advertise, it signals a general acceptance in loving, familial circumstances (well, if youu0026#39;re Christian). The number of these films is getting pretty substantial, and originality is not an expected commodity; some are good, some less so. This one is on the lower end of that scale. While not as saccharine or cloying as it could be, the plot is very contrived and artificial. The gay romance is sweet but the situation that surrounds it is hardly believable and a bit silly. That the lovers are actually a married couple in life certainly adds to the chemistry between them, but the rest of the plot is forgettable.”


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