Mother's Deadly Son (2022)

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Mother's Deadly Son (2022). Mother's Deadly Son: Directed by Chris Lancey. With René Ashton, Brittany Underwood, Noah Fearnley, Maurice Hall. Marianne is in a desperate fight for the survival of her only son and must fight for his life to prove his innocence.

“Jacob is a rebellious teen who is suspected of killing his own brother, Ayden in a rock climb race when he falls to his death and no one else seems to be at the scene. Marianne, Jacobu0026#39;s mother, doesnu0026#39;t believe Jacob did it even though the circumstantial evidence is mounting against him. His father and mother are divorced and dad thinks his son did it, also, which doesnu0026#39;t help since Jacob hasnu0026#39;t been arrested and bad blood forms between them. A hounding detective has been assigned to investigate the case to find out if Jacob did it, also but did he is still speculation. A good script and a solid cast makes this an interesting watch! Definitely recommended!”


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