My Nightmare Office Affair (TV Movie 2022)

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My Nightmare Office Affair (TV Movie 2022). My Nightmare Office Affair: Directed by Kaila York. With Laurie Fortier, Marc Herrmann, Kristi Murdock, Matthew Pohlkamp. When Nick tries to break things off with Lisa, he finds himself in a dangerous game that threatens his job, his family and his life.

“The one thing I will say about Lifetime stories is that they do provide some really nice looking suburban homes and on occasion some really nice looking actors. But outside of that, Lifetime produces the most utterly ridiculous story telling, horrible acting and much to be desired in viewing content. No one is truly ever believable in these stories, the actors are super plastic and insultingly laughable. This film was about company executive woman, who wanted a child but wanted it from her coworker whose a married man. Why? Because sheu0026#39;s a fkn psycho [email protected]…and thatu0026#39;s the whole story premise. Like I said……laughable.”


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