Avarice (2022)

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Avarice (2022). Avarice: Directed by John V. Soto. With Gillian Alexy, Luke Ford, Nick Atkinson, Alexandra Nell. A gifted archer must rescue her husband and daughter after they are abducted during a vicious home invasion.

“Bad guys versus archer champion. I have seen most home invasion movies, this was a bit different with the archery. Had some nice kills (no spoilers) and other surprises, acting was pretty good, the hero woman i have seen before in TV shows like Outsiders, good actor! This is an australian movie (but no desert, set near a forest) so again a bit different. I have given it a 7, would have given it an 8 if there were more kills. If you like home invasion movies I think you will dig this. I think Iu0026#39;m going to take up archery as it looks fun, in the film they have a competition at the start which looked cool.”


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