The Observers (2021)

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The Observers (2021). The Observers: Directed by Roger R. Richards. With Jimmy Church, Richard Dolan, Luis Elizondo, John Greenewald Jr.. Filmed during the release of the much anticipated 2021 UAP report The Observers is a mind-altering timely and comprehensive film that plumbs the depths of the UFO phenomenon and asks the hard questions at the heart of this global enigma

“Anyone at this point who still thinks the UFOu0026#39;s are from earth are either trolls, CIA stooges or very out of touch with reality. We have been lied to for decades and no one seems to bat an eye lid. Content like this is all over the internet for free. People who payed to watch this must have more money than common sense. Which is why we are still having these conversations in 2022. So many people are still in the dark through their own lack or research on this subject matter. It makes you wonder how many other lies have been told. We need more tangible evidence so we can finally stop making these kinds of documentaries. We now want to know where they come from what they are here for and what can we learn from them. Thatu0026#39;s the kind of content I want to see in the future.”


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