Running the Bases (2022)

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Running the Bases (2022). Running the Bases: Directed by Marty Roberts, Jimmy Womble. With Raphael Ruggero, Brett Varvel, Eric Hanson, Isabelle Almoyan. When a small-town baseball coach gets the offer of a lifetime from a larger 6A High School, he uproots his family and leaves the only home he's ever known. But soon faces opposition to his coaching methods from the school superintendent.

“This movie honestly is one of the best films I have seen this year! It has something for everyone and keeps your attention from beginning to end. The story was excellent and the characters were realistic with heart that draws you in. Acting was A+ and casting was perfect across the board. One way I know a movie is exceptional is if it can make me cry… I cried! This movie was not only entertaining but it masterfully wove real life principles of faith, courage, forgiveness, redemption, and hope throughout. It also has some twists, turns, and surprises too. This film shines and is a must see for all!!”


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