La scuola cattolica (2021)

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La scuola cattolica (2021). La scuola cattolica: Directed by Stefano Mordini. With Benedetta Porcaroli, Giulio Pranno, Emanuele Maria Di Stefano, Giulio Fochetti. In late September 1975, a renowned Catholic school in Rome for sheltered, upper-middle-class boys is attacked in what became known as the Circeo Massacre. The film examines what triggered the violence.

“The film seems to be a little bit boring in some parts, decent acting from some, bad from others. The real story of the murder hasnu0026#39;t been explicated well, a lot of missing parts that the plot needed hasnu0026#39;t been added to the work. However the picture and the good aesthetic of the 70u0026#39;s save this film from a worst vote.”


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