La pasajera (2021)

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La pasajera (2021). La pasajera: Directed by Raúl Cerezo, Fernando González Gómez. With Ramiro Blas, Cecilia Suárez, Paula Gallego, Cristina Alcázar. The occupants of a van transporting a wounded excursionist have to avoid sitting next to her during the trip.

“Is a 2021 Spanish science fiction and comedy horror film. Spanish movies are one of the movies I want to watch first. And in this movie, something from outer space fell to Earth. The creatures that come out of it settle inside people and kill everyone. 3 women are leaving for another resort in the minibus they rented. The van driver is an ex-matador who is in love with his van. There are a lot of male and female insufficiencies in the vehicle. And then their paths cross with interference from this space. There are no explicit or sexual elements in the film. It can be viewed by the family. Itu0026#39;s an average movie. The topic remains open.”


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